Best 7 Books for Punjab Patwari Exams Preparation

Hello, friends in this article we will provide you with complete details of books which can help you in the upcoming Punjab Patwari exams 2020. Early strategy for Punjab Patwari 2021 examination will help you to crack this exam very easily. Here we are providing the Top 5 Best Books For Punjab Patwari Exams. 

Best 7 Books for Punjab Patwari Exams Preparation 2020

If you get 65-70 Numbers (For General Category) from this exam, then you will definitely be getting selected. I will provide you best book list for Punjab patwari examination to get the target marks for Punjab Government Patwari Exams. 


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Meanwhile, The Government of Punjab also approved posting of 1 Kanugo for seven Patwar circles, rather than the prevailing practice of 1 Kanugo after 10 patwari circles, thus creating some new posts of Kanugos for this purpose. The decision has been taken in the light of the enhanced workload of the field Kanugos, due to the social-economic transformation taking place across the state.

The notification is expected to come out likely to be in the month of March. The Syllabus for the Exams is expected to be the same as the Previous Patwari Exam.

General Knowledge Books For Punjab Patwari Exam Preparation

General Knowledge has a wide area to cover. It does not have one topic to prepare still, it has some areas in which some questions are always asked by the examiner in all the exams. 

In Patawari Papers the General is of Just 15 Marks. You can easily get 12+ marks from this area of exams. One thing is sure that the examiner will ask 4-5 Questions from Indian History. Others questions topics from which 1 marks will definitely come are Indian Classical Dance, National and International Days, Highest or Longest of Indian or World, Indian and World Rivers, Cities on the Bank of Rivers, Indian and World Geography, National and International Awards and General Science etc. The Current Affairs (4-5 Marks ) Section is Examiner Favorite Section.

The Candidates should prepare at least one-year current affairs important topics according to me.

How and From Which Books you can prepare these topics of General Knowledge and current affairs?

General Knowledge is an important section of several competitive exams. Keeping an updated knowledge of it helps not only in exams but at every aspect of life. General Knowledge 2020 has been revised for aspirants preparing for various upcoming exams to enhance their general awareness so that they can tackle the questions asked from numerous areas. It covers key subjects including history, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science, and General Knowledge, with latest facts and updates supported by figures, graphics and Tables. 

It also provides a highly useful section on current Affairs at the beginning which promotes factual knowledge from recent happening occurred in different areas. Providing accurate, perfect and complete coverage of facts, it is a complete General Knowledge book, useful for the preparation of SSC, Bank, Railway, Police, NDA/CDS and various other competitive exams. Top Current Affairs, Indian History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science, General Knowledge.

Latest Account Notes Specially Prepared For Punjab Patwari Exams||600+ Questions From Previous Year Papers with MCQ

3. The 3rd Best Book of Reasoning is Latest Account Notes Specially Prepared For Punjab Patwari Exams||600+ Questions From Previous Year Papers with MCQ

Mental Ability Notes for Punjab Patwari||700+ Questions with MCQ From Previous Year Exams

4. The 4th Best Book of Reasoning is Mental Ability Notes for Punjab Patwari||700+ Questions with MCQ From Previous Year Exams

Key Features:
The book carefully guides the candidates through faster, shorter and intelligent paths to take up the study both parts of the book, namely, Verbal, and Non-Verbal:

  • (a) By suitably arranging the questions based on the latest examination patterns.
  • (b) By providing a huge number of questions for practice, with solutions that can teach one the right approach towards solving them.
  • (c) By providing solved examples with full explanation to bring out the essence of each topic


  • Section-I: General Mental Ability • Series Completion • Analogy • Classification • Coding-Decoding • Blood Relations • Puzzle Test • Sequential Output Tracing • Direction Sense Test • Logical Venn Diagrams • Alphabet Test • Alpha - Numeric Sequence Puzzle • Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test • Mathematical Operations • Logical Sequence of Words • Arithmetical Reasoning • Inserting the Missing Character • Data Sufficiency • Eligibility Test • Assertion and Reason • Situation Reaction Test • Verification of Truth of the Statement
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  • Section-II: Logical Deduction • Logic • Statement - Arguments • Statement - Assumptions • Statement - Courses of Action • Statement - Conclusions • Deriving Conclusions from Passages • Theme Detection • Cause and Effect Reasoning


Series • Analogy • Classification • Analytical Reasoning • Mirror-Images • Water-Images • Spotting Out the Embedded Figures • Completion of Incomplete Pattern • Figure Matrix • Paper Folding • Paper Cutting • Rule Detection • Grouping of Identical Figures • Cubes and Dice • Dot Situation • Construction of Squares and Triangles • Figure Formation & Analysis • Additional Questions with Answers

Mental Ability (Reasoning) For Punjab Patwari Examination: This is another significant area of this test where you ought to get 16-17 marks to verify your seat in this enrollment. This area is extremely simple. In past patwari tests, the reasoning difficulty level was between simple to medium. You can get effectively 16+ marks in this segment by early getting ready about this concept. 

The practice is the key in Mental Ability Section. The more you practice and the more you imprint will get around there

Mensuration Notes For Punjab Patwari Exams|| 900+ Questions with MCQ

5. The 5th Best Book for Punjabi Patwari Examination is Mensuration Notes For Punjab Patwari Exams|| 900+ Questions with MCQ

 Mensuration Notes For Punjab Patwari Exams|| 900+ Questions with MCQ has been one of the most popular and acceptable books for students appearing for different competitive examinations. However, since there have been some changes in the syllabus of these examinations, like the incorporation of advance mathematics, there was a need to come out with a revised edition of this book. Based on the latest pattern of examinations, the book now includes separate chapters on Fractions, Histograms, Coordinate Geometry and Prism and Pyramids.

Arithmetic Skills (Menstruation) (Marks 15) For Punjab Patwari Exams: This area can be high scoring by training too. In reality, the prospectus of this territory is extremely little, with the goal that's the reason it very well may be a high score region. 

You can without much of a stretch get 12+ from this area by simply getting ready Menstruation Section. 

Menstruation included just two ideas. 

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1. The Area (2 Dimensional): This incorporates the Area of Triangle, Rectangle, Square, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Circle, and Ellipse. 

2. Volume and Surface Area (3 Dimensional): This incorporated the Volume and Surface Area of Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, and Hemisphere and so forth. 

This is segment is simple since it contains just 12 ideas of Mathematics, for example, the area of the triangle, square shape, and Cube and so forth. 

Agriculture Notes For Patwari Exams Preparation

6. The 6th Best Book for Punjab Patwari Exams is Agriculture Notes For Patwari Exams Preparation. These notes are prepared by Job News Adda Team.

This portion looks a little bit tougher as a candidate never prepares this subject before. But if you are from the rural background then it is easier for you and with the little bit attempt, you can comfortably get 7+ marks from this section.

Agriculture is a primary activity. It includes growing crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers and rearing of livestock. In the world, 50 per cent of persons are engaged in agricultural activity. Two-thirds of India’s population is still dependent on agriculture.

Best 7 Books for Punjab Patwari Exams Preparation 2020

While preparing these notes, Job News Adda Team makes sure that it covers all the important Agriculture MCQ questions from all important topics that asked in previous exams repeatedly. Agriculture MCQ’s are prepared as chapter-wise to make the leaning sequence easy for the candidates. So that they can learn about every concept & technology related to agriculture to make sure they can attempt all agriculture questions to crack Punjab Patwari exam.

Punjabi language notes for Punjab Patwari||500+ Questions with MCQ From Previous Year Exams

7. The 7th best book for Punjab patwari exams is Punjabi language notes for Punjab Patwari||500+ Questions with MCQ From Previous Year Exams

This section is also very important. You can get 5 out 5 because the questions are very basic, easy and most are coming from previous years exam papers.

If you still want to buy a Best Book For Punjab History and Culture then SADA Punjab by Munish Jindal is The Best Book for this purpose. This book is available in English as well as Punjabi.

I think if you read the previous exam papers questions of Punjab History and Culture, You can easily get 5 marks from this section.

The other subject is English which consists of 5 marks, you can prepare this by yourself. We do not recommend any specific book for this portion. However, you can read The Hindu to boost your vocab.

You can prepare Accounts and Punjabi language question from various websites as we do not recommend any other book for these subjects. You can read Punjabi grammar book of 10th class to prepare Punjabi language and for Accounts, you should read 11th and 12th Account's Book only Basic Concept and simple sums.

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